Oh wow, 2018 has been relentless!! but I’m back and ready to annoy you all with my chit chat!!

so! where have I been you might ask??!!!! (I ask myself the same question, especially when I need to write an essay and my brain has wandered off) Assignments have been the main thing eating up my time since January, in fact, this year of studying has been very challenging for me, and at times I felt like giving in…BUT I pursued and PASSED MY THIRD YEAR!! I’m very excited to start my fourth year as I shall be studying the classical world of Ancient Greece and Rome! (anyone else studying with the Open University feel free to message me so we can cry about our life choices together!!).

It hasn’t been all bad though!! I’ve had some amazing life experiences. I went to America last October and had the trip of a lifetime. I stayed in California and met up with some friends who I have known for well over 5 years, went to Disneyland, MET MICKEY MOUSE!! and spent far too much money in Target!! I then travelled up to Seattle and stayed with another one of my close friends who I had never met before and we celebrated Halloween together (and eat so many cupcakes oh god!)

There is another thing in my life that I have been so excited to write about and share with you guys!!!!! I’M IN LOVE!! WITH THIS HUMAN:

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 22.59.21 copy

We aim to spend the rest of our lives having as many pets as possible, getting a mudlarking licence, eating all the Halloumi this world has to offer and genuinely just living in our happy li’l gay bubble!! I LOVE YOU HOBBIT (I’m assuming she’s gonna read this because I’m obviously her favourite writer!!) (I’m joking omg I’m not that narcissistic!)

So now that I have returned what should you all expect? more book reviews of course!!! I have some really cool books to show you guys and will be posting a review weekly!!

I am so sorry for my long absence, I’ve missed you guys so much!! I can’t wait to get back into my book world and create some more MAGIC!! (get it….cause my blog name is chloeemagic?? I’ll stop trying to be funny I promise!!)

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