Book Review: Sugar Skulls

Sugar Skulls by M.R. Tapia

“Life may be role play, but death is real. There is no act to it. No intermission or encore.”

M.R. Tapia returns with a story that bypasses gore and guts and goes straight to the jugular (the emotional jugular, might I add!!)

Sugar Skulls tells the tale of a dead man. Micah’s life is laid out before him as he contemplates why he has ended up sat in conversation with death himself. Just as the dead have to face many challenges through the nine levels of the Aztec underworld, So does Micah.

Sugar Skulls hit me hard to be honest guys! imagine being sat down and having everything you’ve done wrong in life being retold to you. Reliving everything that you wanted to forget and having your heartbreaks highlighted…now THAT is a nightmare! and this is exactly what happens to poor Micah (I ended up feeling so sorry for him even though he comes across as a bit of a deadbeat…but who am I to judge!!!)

Micah: a grown man dependant on his family and their unconditional love and support which he has grown to take advantage of by abusing anything and everything. If it wasn’t for his parents he would have ‘crumbled under his own weight long ago’ which brings to light a lot of home truths about society, which is what I love about M.R. Tapia’s work, the mixture of horror and hard hitting truths is like a cold hard slap in the face to wake you up and look around.

As mentioned before, the nine levels of the Aztec underworld are explored as Micah goes through his own afterlife journey, which adds a mythical element to this twisted tale.

So, why should you read ‘Sugar Skulls’? because it’s HORRIFYING (that’s a compliment!!) it made my tummy churn and it also made me reflect a lot. Tapia’s ability to capture today’s society is so vivid and shocking, talking of humans being ‘dead-alive’ with their numbing routines and just proving that the daily grind can zap all colour from life. It’s also a good read because it’s SPOOKY!!!! and I know y’all love to be creeped out!!

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Check out my review of ‘The Die-Fi Experiment ‘ another great story from M.R. Tapia

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Oh wow, 2018 has been relentless!! but I’m back and ready to annoy you all with my chit chat!!

so! where have I been you might ask??!!!! (I ask myself the same question, especially when I need to write an essay and my brain has wandered off) Assignments have been the main thing eating up my time since January, in fact, this year of studying has been very challenging for me, and at times I felt like giving in…BUT I pursued and PASSED MY THIRD YEAR!! I’m very excited to start my fourth year as I shall be studying the classical world of Ancient Greece and Rome! (anyone else studying with the Open University feel free to message me so we can cry about our life choices together!!).

It hasn’t been all bad though!! I’ve had some amazing life experiences. I went to America last October and had the trip of a lifetime. I stayed in California and met up with some friends who I have known for well over 5 years, went to Disneyland, MET MICKEY MOUSE!! and spent far too much money in Target!! I then travelled up to Seattle and stayed with another one of my close friends who I had never met before and we celebrated Halloween together (and eat so many cupcakes oh god!)

There is another thing in my life that I have been so excited to write about and share with you guys!!!!! I’M IN LOVE!! WITH THIS HUMAN:

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 22.59.21 copy

We aim to spend the rest of our lives having as many pets as possible, getting a mudlarking licence, eating all the Halloumi this world has to offer and genuinely just living in our happy li’l gay bubble!! I LOVE YOU HOBBIT (I’m assuming she’s gonna read this because I’m obviously her favourite writer!!) (I’m joking omg I’m not that narcissistic!)

So now that I have returned what should you all expect? more book reviews of course!!! I have some really cool books to show you guys and will be posting a review weekly!!

I am so sorry for my long absence, I’ve missed you guys so much!! I can’t wait to get back into my book world and create some more MAGIC!! (get it….cause my blog name is chloeemagic?? I’ll stop trying to be funny I promise!!)

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Book Review: The Ashes of London

The Ashes of London by Andrew Taylor


Set within the smoky ashes of the great fire of London, 1666, this book has a plot that intertwines, overloops AND doesn’t skip out on any historical details.

The Ashes of London follows two main characters: James Marwood and Catherine Lovett. Each of them are tied to the tumultuous and bloody past that resulted in civil war and the beheading of Charles I.

As Andrew Taylor weaves the stories of these mysterious murders the details and puzzle pieces are satisfyingly pieced together as you turn the pages.

As a murder mystery/crime novel it stands strong despite the obvious slow burning start that you would expect from any historical fiction novel. But what makes this book so amazing is the facts! everything ties together and so well researched it is believable.

When starting this book I thought it would be a murder mystery with not many twists or turns. But to my surprise, this book takes you from the middle of a monstrous, city eating fire, to a murder mystery, and then it sticks you slap bang in the middle of  political/religious warfare of this time period.

The use of two very different main characters also added another dimension to this story. James Marwood is a very matter of fact, goody two shoes kind of guy. And then there is Catherine Lovett, a rebellious young woman who is constantly keeping the coals burning under the readers feet.

Why I think you should read this book:

  1. Gorgeously worded historical plot.
  2. multi-faceted story.
  3. Genuinely interesting choice of time period to set this type of story in. It works really well.
  4. Incredibly satisfying ending that ties all the characters together and leaves no stone unturned.
  5. Any history nerd will love this for the time setting alone. Also Andrew Taylor’s attention to detail is phenomenal.

Where to buy this book:






Book Details:

  • Paperback: 496 pages
  • Publisher: Harper (26 Jan. 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0008119090
  • ISBN-13: 978-0008119096


BOOKMARKS : My favourite accessory (´ε` )♡

I don’t know about you guys, but I am OBSESSED with collecting the cutest, prettiest and most importantly, THE NERDIEST bookmarks I can find…and this post is basically me just hooking you guys up with my favourite places to go to for bookmarks!!

Ok so firstly there’s Little Corvus AKA Sara Duvall AKA soft kawaii space empress (◕‿◕✿)

She creates such beautiful renditions of characters from a various range of places! (from Star Wars to Overwatch) and as you can see from the pictures below, her designs are irresistible! for super cute and nerdy bookmarks and other geeky goods, go and check out her storenvy and redbubble.

Also follow Sara on Twitter to keep up to date with her new designs.♥

‘Rey’ Bookmark.

Next there is Ink and Wonder which is my latest discovery in bookmark awesomeness! ^ω^

Now they’re technically not ‘bookmarks’ as these are ingeniously called ‘woodmarks’ why? because they’re made from wood!! Each woodmark is entirely unique due to the wood grain, which adds such beauty to these!

My first purchase from them was the ‘hiss off i’m reading’ woodmark which is pictured below (awesome, right?!)

I’m eyeing up the little mermaid or the hufflepuff design for my next purchase!! (i’m probably going to end up buying both) Check out the full range of woodmarks on their store, and don’t forget to follow them on instagram! ✿

“Hiss off i’m reading’ Woodmark.

SO, where are your fave places to go for the best bookmarks? Museums and galleries are also the best for cutie/artsy/unique designs…but feel free to message me with links to sites! you can never have enough bookmarks!! ♥♥♥


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OK so I find the beginning of anything really awkward, so I’ve found this ’30 day book challenge’ and I’m basically going to use these questions as a start to my reviews/get to know me thing!!

Here are the questions:

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